Nawaz Sharif arrives in Pakistan after 4-year self-imposed exile

Nawaz Sharif arrives in Pakistan after 4-year self-imposed exile

Islamabad (Web Desk) Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) supremo and former premier Nawaz Sharif arrived in Pakistan after a four-year self-exile in London, citing “vindication” and expressing confidence in his party’s ability to address the country’s crises.

The charter aircraft “Umeed-e-Pakistan” transporting about 164 individuals, comprising party leaders and journalists arrived in Lahore from Islamabad.

Soon after landing at the Islamabad airport, Nawaz proceeded to the VIP lounge alongside former finance minister Ishaq Dar and other party leaders.

The PML-N supremo signed legal documents and completed other formalities while in the lounge.

Following a brief layover in Islamabad for the necessary paperwork, they continued their journey for Lahore using the same chartered aircraft.

Speaking to newsmen at the Dubai airport before departing to Pakistan, The PM L-N leader said, “I am returning, with my honor upheld by the grace of Almighty Allah.

Nawaz Sharif expressed confidence in his party's ability to address the concerns of the people if they win in the upcoming elections.

"We have the competence to tackle the nation’s challenges," he asserted.

Nawaz Sharif highlighted his role in conducting Pakistan's nuclear tests on May 28, 1998, and expressed his support for the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

Nawaz Sharif emphasized that he was the individual responsible for the nuclear tests conducted on May 28, 1998, and not the mastermind behind the attacks on military installations that occurred on May 9, 2023.

Responding to a question, Nawaz Sharif said that  the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is authorised institution to announce the election date.

The PML-N supremo said it would have been better if the country had moved forward on socio economic front.

Nawaz said that the country has regressed instead of progressing. He raised questions about the Pakistan where essential medicines were freely available, emphasizing that the nation he left in 2017 was not the same. He pointed out that during that time, people were gaining employment and receiving complimentary medical treatment.

Nawaz raised a crucial question: Who is to blame for the country’s current situation? Despite the challenges, he remains hopeful that Pakistan can recover and thrive.

Highlighting his struggle, Nawaz said that he, along with his daughter Maryam, attended nearly 150 court hearings. 

"It was unfortunate that Maryam, who didn’t hold public office, was still declared guilty and imprisoned," Sharif said.

 Nawaz Sharif said that he was happy to return to Pakistan, saying that his party is in a position to resolve the masses’ woes if elected into power.

"There is no reason for disillusionment as the nation possesses the capacity to fix its problems," he said, emphasising the need for Pakistan to become self-reliant, asserting the importance of standing on its own feet.

Meanwhile, PML-N is mobilizing its base, urging supporters to arrive at Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore from around the country to greet their leader and show the popularity of the party, which seems to be diminishing according to many recent surveys and has been declared ‘irrelevant’ by its rivals.

After his arrival in Lahore, Nawaz Sharif reached Lahore Fort by helicopter and will address a public gathering at Minar-e-Pakistan.

According to reports, Nawaz is arriving in Islamabad instead of Lahore because his arrival in the federal capital was necessary in bail, earlier granted by the Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Thursday.

In Lahore, the PML-N leadership, including Shehbaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz Sharif and Hamza Shehbaz, on Friday spent a whole day to ensure that caravans of the party workers from Balochistan, Sindh and Gilgit-Baltistan left for Lahore and those who have to come from Khyber Pakhtunkhawa and Punjab will leave on Satur­day morning. The Sharifs also paid a visit to Minar-e-Pakistan to see the jalsa arrangements.

After a self-imposed exile of four years in London, Nawaz Sharif, a former three-time prim minister, is returning to Pakistan. Nawaz came to power in 1990 but faced corruption allegations and was removed in three years.

However, he was disqualified from politics for life in 2017 following a conviction related to non-disclosure of income sources. His return is aimed at making a political comeback in the upcoming general elections projected for late January next year.