At least 71 dead in Israeli attacks on Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza

At least 71 dead in Israeli attacks on Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza

Gaza (Web Desk): At least 71 people have been killed in an overnight Israeli bombardment on Rafah and three homes bombed in Khan Younis, Palestinian Ministry of Health officials say.

The heaviest bombardments occurred in three areas in the south of Gaza, including Khan Younis, Rafah and Deir el-Balah, where Israel had ordered civilians to seek refuge.

A medical source said hundreds were also wounded during the bombardments, which hit homes in Rafah and Khan Younis.

Many of those killed are families who evacuated from Gaza City and the northern part of the Strip to seek refuge near Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza, as ordered by Israel.

Ambulances are transporting the injured to already overcrowded hospitals, and many people are still trapped under the rubble of targeted buildings, awaiting rescue.

It is important to mention that Rafah is a crossing between Egypt and Gaza, and the only point of exit for Palestinians looking to flee Gaza. The life saving humanitarian aid for Gaza is also stuck on this crossing.

Earlier on Monday, it was announced that border is going to open, but it was closed, creating confusion for many fleeing families who later died because of Israeli strikes. Egypt says Israel is not letting the opening of border and blocking the transfer of humanitarian aid to Gaza. 

Meanwhile, the death toll of Palestinians in Gaza has reached to at least 2,808 with at least 10,859 injured, according to Palestinian ministry of Health.

In Occupied West Bank at least 57 has been killed and 1,200 injured.

On the other hand in Israel at least 1,400 are dead and at least 3,400 are injured.

It is pertinent to mention that US President Joe Biden is set to visit Israel on Wednesday, will emphasize its “right and duty” to defend itself from Hamas.

On the other hand, Iran’s foreign minister says pro-Iranian groups in the region could pre-emptively act against Israel, even in the “coming hours”.

Hamas’s Al-Qassam Brigades says that up to 250 captives in Gaza and it is prepared to release those with foreign nationalities as soon as “circumstances allow”.