UAE resident attempts FB Live suicide, saved

UAE resident attempts FB Live suicide, saved

Abu Dhabi (Web Desk): The Ras Al Khaimah police late on Tuesday rescued a German young man who was trying to commit suicide live on Facebook due to family disputes.

As per details, the youth's brother, alerted by his brothers FB video, immediately informed the RAK police who rushed to the scene in a record time and rescued the man's life.

According to initial investigations, a video on the attempted suicide went viral on Facebook late on Tuesday.

The sources informed international media that a RAK police security patrol moved to the young man's site atop one of the mountains here. "A relative of the young man accompanied the RAK police to the site."

They added, "The RAK police first managed to locate the young man's car which he left close to the site" however, the youth was exhausted and in a critical condition at the mountainous site.

In order to save the young man's life a rescue chopper was also sent to the scene, they elaborated, "The medical team onboard managed to administer the first aids needed, and rushed him to the Saqr Hospital for treatment and medical care."

"It was only late at night, mostly around 2am until the young man's condition got stable, but he is still hospitalized, and shall not be discharged until he thoroughly gets well," the sources informed.