Baby born with thick, scaly skin in Multan

Baby born with thick, scaly skin in Multan

Multan (Web Desk): A baby boy was born with thick, scaly skin in Multan at Nishtar Hospital.

According to details provided by an official at the hospital, it is a disease named ‘Congenital Ichthyosis’, a neonatal skin disease in which disease the skin, mouth and lips of the baby become abnormal owing to the disease.

However, he added no known cause of the disease had been documented so far around the globe. “The mortality rate of the babies suffering from this disease is very high internationally,” he said.

The hospital official maintained, “The disease named Ichthyosis is derived from two Greek words meaning ‘fish’ and ‘disease’.” “Ichthyosis is a dermatological disease in which body of the patient has thick, scaly skin.” The official pointed out the Ichthyosis encompasses a variety of genetical disorders marked by abnormal epidermal differentiation.

He said, “The neonatal period is critical for such patients with a majority of complications arising out of impaired barrier function.”