India involved in carrying out target killings in Pakistan: foreign secretary

India involved in carrying out target killings in Pakistan: foreign secretary

Islamabad (Web Desk): Foreign Secretary Muhammad Syrus Sajjad Qazi on Thursday said that Pakistan has credible evidence of India's sophisticated and sinister campaign of extra-territorial and extra-judicial killings inside Pakistan.

During a press briefing in Islamabad, the foreign secretary said that Pakistani authorities have credible evidence of links between Indian agents and assassins of two Pakistani nationals.

“Indian agents used technology and safe havens on foreign soil to commit assassinations in Pakistan, Syrus Qazi said, adding that they recruited, financed and supported criminals, terrorists and unsuspecting civilians to play defined roles in these assassinations.
The foreign secretary said Indian agent Yogesh Kumar, based in a third country orchestrated the assassination of Pakistani citizen Shahid Latif, through criminals and terrorists, in Sialkot.

Besides, Indian agents Ashok Kumar Anand and Yogesh Kumar were involved in the killing of Pakistani citizen Muhammad Riaz in Rawalakot.

Qazi said that Pakistani authorities have apprehended the assassins hired by the Indian agents.

“Pakistan has documentary, financial and forensic evidence of the involvement of the two Indian agents, who masterminded these assassinations,” he said.

The foreign secretary said that Indian network of extra-judicial and extra-territorial killings has become a global phenomenon, which is evident from the involvement of Indian agents in masterminding similar acts in Canada and the United States (US).

“It is critical to bring to justice the killers, their facilitators and financers involved in these assassinations. Indian agents need to face justice for its extra-judicial and extra- territorial killings in other countries,” Qazi said.

The foreign secretary said India must be held accountable internationally for its blatant violation of international law.

He said that India's assassination of Pakistan nationals on Pakistani soil is violation of Pakistan's sovereignty and a breach of the United Nation (UN) Charter. This violation of Pakistan sovereignty by India is completely unacceptable.

The foreign secretary expressed Pakistan's commitment to protecting its people and securing its sovereignty.

He said that protection of Pakistanis and any foreign national on Pakistani soil is a high priority for Pakistan.

“India's reckless and irresponsible act calls into question India's reliability as a credible international player and its claims for enhanced global responsibilities,” the foreign secretary said.