US imposes new sanctions on Iran's defence ministry

US imposes new sanctions on Iran's defence ministry

Washington (Web Desk): The  United  States (US) on Monday announced new sanctions against Iran, a foreign news agency reported.

“The US new sanctions are being imposed on Iran’s defence ministry and its nuclear agency,” US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said while  announcing the sanctions.

The US has also banned two key uranium enrichment operatives, as well as those who helped making ballistic missiles in Iran,” he added.

The US Secretary of State said that five Iranian scientists had also been added to the sanctions list, moreover, 27 companies and individuals related to Iran's nuclear weapons had been banned.

He said the purpose of imposing sanctions on Iran was to prevent it from buying arms, adding that Iran was wasting people's money on terrorism instead of development.

“The policy of maximum pressure on Iran is continuing and the United States is ready to respond to any provocation and aggression of Iran.

Meanwhile, the United States has also announced sanctions against Venezuelan President Maduro,” Pompeo added.