Top 3 visa free countries for Pakistanis to move

Top 3 visa free countries for Pakistanis to move

Lahore (Web Desk): 36 out of 200 countries in the world have allowed visa free entry to Pakistanis. It is always good to save up the hassle of assembling and submitting the documents for visa.

The top three out of the 36 countries where you can fly straight, without any visa restrictions are:


Madagascar is an amazingly beautiful Island off the Southeast coast of Africa. Not only does it have incredible attractions to explore but it also is a dream destination for those who love outdoor activities.

The world’s fourth largest island is quite an exciting place to explore as it has ultimate landscapes and cultural insights. There are rainforests, beaches, desert, reefs, mountains and fertile hills. For those who want an adventurous trip can go for hiking and diving.


Next best alternative to Madagascar is Tanzania. It is an East African country within the region of African Great Lakes.

Zanzibar is probably the most beautiful unspoiled beaches of Tanzania, where you can find incredible scuba diving in such a lovely clean sea with amazing species around.


Maldives if one of the most beautiful and surreal place, located in the Indian Ocean, situated in the Arabian Sea. The amazing white-sand beaches, crystal clear blue water and underwater world are mind-blowing.