'Probably last tweet before arrest': Imran says police have surrounded his house 

'Probably last tweet before arrest': Imran says police have surrounded his house 

Lahore (Web Desk): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former premier Imran Khan said that that police have surrounded his residence in Lahore fearing that he could be taken into custody.

The PTI chief shared this on his Twitter handle.

"Probably my last tweet before my next arrest. Police has surrounded my house," he said.

Later, addressing his party workers, the former premier said that if the police come with a search warrant to carry out an operation at his Zaman Park residence, he would not put up resistance against them.

“I have just heard that 40 terrorists are hiding at my residence. Please do come here [but] in a civilised manner and don’t attempt to storm my residence,” he said while addressing his supporters.

The ex premier statement comes as the interim Punjab government has given a 24-hour deadline to PTI to handover 30 to 40 ' terrorists' who have taken refuge in former premier Imran Khan's Zaman Park residence in Lahore.

Addressing a press conference in Lahore, Punjab Interim Information Minister Amir Mir said that “technical and intelligence” information had also been received through geo-fencing that terrorists were seeking refuge at Khan’s Zaman Park residence.

Meanwhile, the police have blocked traffic coming from Mall Road to Zaman Park. Heavy police force is deployed near Zaman Park, Dharmpura Bridge, Allama Iqbal Road, Mall Road, and Garhi Shahu Canal Road areas of the city.

Policemen wearing bulletproof jackets armed with batons are present with their mobile vans. An unusual rush of traffic on Dharmapura Bridge is witnessed as policemen are standing alert on the roadside.

The police are searching big vehicles coming from Canal Road to Mall Road and Zaman Park.

Earlier today, The Islamabad High Court (IHC) extended its order barring the authorities from arresting Imran Khan in any case, including undisclosed ones, filed against him anywhere in the country till May 31.

Imran Khan was arrested from the IHC premises by paramilitary forces on May 9 which triggered violent protests across the country.

The PTI chief had immediately approached the court for release but it had declared his arrest legal.

Later, the Supreme Court (SC) declared his arrest as “invalid and unlawful” and referred the matter back to the IHC .

Subsequently, IHC CJ Aamer Farooq had formed a two-judge bench, comprising Justice Miangul Hasan Aurangzeb and Justice Saman Rafat Imtiaz, to hear Imran’s bail plea in the Al-Qadir Trust case.

The bench  had granted protective bail to Imran in three terrorism cases filed against him in Lahore and the murder case of PTI activist Zillay Shah alias Ali Bilal.

Meanwhile, the court had also stopped authorities from arresting Imran Khan until May 17 in all cases known or otherwise.