Death toll rises to more than 2100 in Morocco after Friday’s earthquake

Death toll rises to more than 2100 in Morocco after Friday’s earthquake
Source: File

Rabat: More than 2,100 people died and 2,421 injured after Friday’s 6.8 magnitude earthquake in Morocco. 

Moroccan Ministry of Interior has confirmed death toll has risen to 2,122 while 2,421 people are injured, including many in critical condition, in the aftermath of Friday’s earthquake. 

Officials have warned that the toll is still expected to rise.

On Sunday, aftershocks of magnitude 4.5 hit Marrakesh.

Rescuers in Morocco are searching for survivors in hard to reach isolated villages, which were closer to epicenter and where some of the worst destruction lies. Rescuers unable to retrieve bodies from rubble in villages which are suffering the most damage.

In Marrakech, the nearest major city, many residents spent a second night sleeping on the streets, too afraid to return to their homes. Historic buildings in the popular tourist destination, which are UNESCO world heritage sites, have been damaged.

Morocco’s King Mohamed VI ordered mosques across the country to hold funeral prayers on Sunday for those killed in the earthquake. Flags were flown at half-mast in the country, the state news agency said. 

On Saturday, Moroccans flocked to hospitals and centers to donate blood as part of a nationwide call to help those injured in the deadly earthquake. 

Spain and Israel have sent their aid and other countries and world agencies like UN and World Bank have also offered aid to Morocco.