Watch: Pope slaps Trump after his oafish attempt

Watch: Pope slaps Trump after his oafish attempt

Rom (Web Desk): US Presidents uncivilized attempt has put Pope Francis in an awckward situation after First Lady Melania Trump who slapped Trump as he tried to hold her hand.

According to details, Donald Trump is now on the latest part of his first foreign trip that has not passed without incident - many of them bizarre, and plenty of them worthy of further analysis.

The video of Trump and Melania went viral in which an awkward sight hogged the media limelight showing Melania Trump’s apparent snub to her husband.

This time international media (CNN) captured a moment shows how Trump has put Pope into an embarrassing situation with his oafish attempt that kept Pope glum and disappointed.

Watch what the world superpower leader Donald Trump did that forces Pope Francis to snub him aggressively.