Gaza's health system disintegrates as Palestinian death toll in Israeli bombardment crosses 5700

Gaza's health system disintegrates as Palestinian death toll in Israeli bombardment crosses 5700

Gaza: More than 700 Palestinians were martyred in a single day as Israeli forces continued their unabated brutal air strikes and bombardment on besieged Gaza.

According to reports, Palestinians death toll has surpassed 5700, including 2360 children, 1292 women and 295 elderly, with more than 18,000 injured and 1500 still missing under the rubble.

At least three people were killed as Israel hit Jenin refugee camp with drones bringing number of Palestinians martyred in occupied West Bank since October 7 to more than 100.

The aid trucks that arrived in Gaza a few days ago has now been dispatched among Palestinians, The Palestine Red Crescent announced that their teams distributed 16,301 food parcels to displaced families in Al-Wusta (Central), Khan Younis, and Rafah governorates over the past 24 hours. 

Meanwhile, Ministry of Health in Gaza has declared the complete collapse of the health system in hospitals in Gaza Strip. This comes after the ministry of health in Gaza requested multiple times to international institutions to reveal the nature of the weapon used that has been melting the skin of the wounded. They also requested information on suitable treatments. 

Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said in a statement that “medical staff monitored the usage of unusual weapons that caused severe burns to the bodies of the martyrs and wounded.”

He also warned of “serious complications” that could claim the lives of more than 1,000 patients with kidney failure if fuel supplies are not made available to hospitals and the healthcare sector.

“Failure to introduce fuel to hospitals will cause serious complications that will result in the lives of 1,100 kidney failure patients, including 38 children,” he said.

He called on citizens who "have any amount of diesel to urgently donate fuel to hospitals to save the lives of the wounded and sick." 

The updates coming from the public statements released by the ministry of health in Gaza suggest that several doctors' reports point to fourth degree burns that penetrate the skin, such burns cannot be repaired with skin grafts. 

Moreover, ministry has reported outbreaks of many diseases like chickenpox, herpes allergies, among the displace people taking refuge in hospitals. 

Doctors in Gaza say patients arriving at hospitals are showing signs of disease caused by overcrowding and poor sanitation after more than 1.4 million people fled their homes for temporary shelters under Israel's heaviest-ever bombardment.

Aid agencies have repeatedly warned of a health crisis in the tiny, crowded Palestinian enclave under an Israeli blockade that has cut off electricity, clean water and fuel, with only small U.N. convoys of food and medicine getting in.

The ministry has also reported that due to lack of sanitation facilities, many injured who do not die immediately are dying after few days because of blood poisoning and severe infections. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned that without “vital fuel and additional health supplies”, thousands of vulnerable patients in Gaza will be at risk.

The UN agency for Palestinian refugees stated that Gaza hospitals may be forced to shut down by Wednesday night due to acute fuel shortages. UN Palestinian rights committee had also issued a statement calling on the International Crime Court to dispatch an urgent fact-finding mission to the region to investigate potential war crimes and crimes against humanity.