Get rid of surgeries, 3D printer creates human skin now

Get rid of surgeries, 3D printer creates human skin now

North Carolina – USA (Web Desk): A team of scientists and engineers have been succeeded to prepare 3D printer to create human muscles and tissues specifically skin that could actually replace real ones.

Very soon we are getting closer to the plug-and-play human body.

The scientists and researchers at Wake Forest University in North Carolina declared that they have created a 3D printer that can produce organs, tissues, and bones that could theoretically be implanted into living humans.

The team work was published in the scientific journal ‘Nature Biotechnology’.

According to the research paper, the printer acts much like most 3D printers do, using a computer-controlled nozzle to squeeze out layers of materials in a very precise pattern. The layers ultimately harden to produce whatever you’re trying to print. But unlike with most printers, which put down layers of molten plastic or metal, Wake Forest’s printer lays down what are called hydrogels—water-based solutions containing human cells.

The researchers’ printer has numerous nozzles, some extruding hydrogels, others biodegradable materials that are used to give the tissue it’s printing structure and strength. When the supporting materials dissolve and tissue finishes incubating in the machine, it could be potentially implanted into a person.

Different institutions authorized to register medicines and medical instruments are testing printer and after their approval printer will be used in European countries. The approval would probably reduce the need of cosmetics and surgeries.