Jacket buttons help to identify Zainab’s murderer

Jacket buttons help to identify Zainab’s murderer

Lahore (Staff Report): Jacket’s buttons became important clue in the minor Zainab’s rape and murder case after what police arrested the main accused.

According to a report of the BBC Urdu, one of the most prominent evidence that helped police to identify the main accused were two buttons of the accused jacket that he appeared wearing in the CCTV footage where the culprit with beard wears a jacket.

As the investigations were under way and the accused was taken into custody some days ago but was released and arrested again on Tuesday January 23, after his DNA matched.

However, the main clue that whent against the accused, was the jacket buttons that were apparent in the video.

BBC Urdu reported, on the condition of anonymity, a policeman told that while investigating police focused the man in the footage who had beard and was wearing a jacket with two buttons appeared between 25-40 years of age.

After his DNA matched to the Pakistan Forensic Science results police started raids and house-to-house search.

During the house-to-house research police found the same jacket with two buttons on its shoulder in Imran Ali’s house.

After these two evidences proved, the accused mother helped police to arrest him.

Police said, the accused confessed his all crimes easily during police investigation, police added, the accused did not seek a clever man, if an effective measure was being taken right after first case of rape and murder probably the later could be avoided.