Man electrocuted while charging iPhone in bathtub

Man electrocuted while charging iPhone in bathtub

London (Web Desk): A man died after being electrocuted as he was charging his iPhone while talking a bath.

The man, namely Richard Bull, received severe injuries due to electrocution when his charger made contact with water. The 32-year-old had plugged his iPhone in an extension near the bathtub, British media reported.

The case was solved when the iPhone’s charger and extension were recovered near the place of his death. It was explained by PC Craig Pattison who told about the lead running into the bathroom from the hallway.

Richard Bull had been charging his smartphone while plugging it into the extension cord next to bathtub. The charging phone made contact with water and electrolysed it. The body covered with burns was sighted by his wife who interpreted it as an external attack.

The coroner ruled the death as an accident and suggested Apple to take precautionary measures. He advised labeling the charger with preventive warnings to avoid any danger in future.

The coroner stated, “This was a tragic accident and I have no reason to believe at all that there s anything other than it being completely accidental.” He compared the accident with the use of hairdryer in the bathroom. “They should attach warnings. I will write a report later to smartphone makers”, he said.