Surprising health benefits of Papaya Seeds

Surprising health benefits of Papaya Seeds

Lahore (Web Desk): Health benefits of papaya already known around the world as one of the best fruit with a lot of nutrition. While most people throw them away, papaya seeds are not only edible, small amounts of them in your diet can be surprisingly good for you.

They can prevent and cure a plethora of ailments related to the liver, gut, intestinal worms, and even diseases like dengue. 

Health benefits of Papaya Seeds:

1. Heals Liver Cirrhosis
Papaya seeds contain vital nutrients that help heal cirrhosis of the liver. Grind or crush 5–6 papaya seeds and have them with food or juice, especially lime juice. This should be done for 30 days. Moreover, eating small amounts of papaya seeds regularly helps in detoxing the liver and keeps liver diseases at bay.

2. Keeps The Kidneys Healthy
Researchers at the University of Karachi have found that papaya seeds can be used to improve kidney health and preventing renal failure. The same works wonders for kidney poisoning-related diseases.

3. Reduces Inflammation Of The Joints
Papaya seeds are anti-inflammatory in nature, which makes them great for alleviating arthritis, joint disease, swelling, pain, and redness.

4. Better Digestion System
As papaya seeds have abundant of digestive enzymes, it will help your diet also. Consuming papaya and its seeds will help your body to process food with ease. Not only that, papaya seeds will helps in normalizing the acidic environment in our intestinal tract, preventing worms and other forms of parasites from residing in our intestinal tract. That means a healthier and stronger digestion system.

5. Detox
Consuming papaya and papaya seeds will help in our body detox. Even just small amount or small portion of it, it will effectively help our body to detox and makes our body free from any kind of toxic that plagues our body.

6. Minimize Risk of Cancer
The milky sap that papaya seeds produce are great to prevent cancer cells from growing due to the substance that it contains, acetogenin. There have been many studies shown that papaya seeds and papaya leaves are effective in battling cancer and preventing cancer from happening. Most people in Japan drink papaya leaf tea for prolonged period, and they add a little bit of papaya seeds on top of it to maintain a healthy body.

7. Cure Dengue
Dengue are one of the most unpredictable and dangerous disease that are spread in most areas in Asia. Papaya seeds and papaya leaves can help to cure dengue as it will increase the level of your blood. It is best used to be consumed when dengue fever attacks.

8. Stronger Bones
Papaya seeds are like any other fruit seeds are rich of protein and calcium. Taking regular intake of papaya seeds will bring health benefit for our body such as stronger bones and stronger muscles at the same time. This is due to the fact that our body needs to consume protein and calcium to grow bones and muscles, and those protein and calcium can be derived from consuming papaya and papaya seeds.

9. Cure Eye-Disorder
Papaya seeds surprisingly can cure disease related to our eyes as well. Papaya seeds and papaya leaves help in regenerating the cells and providing nutrients needed by our eyes to stay healthy and to recover from any eye-related diseases such as cataracts.

10. Remedy For Your Acne
Remember the acnes problem when your hormone are not stable? Well, that can be cured by consuming papaya seeds. If you are familiar with having acne, try to take papaya leaves and papaya seeds, blend them together and add some water. Apply the lotion to the acne-infected area, and leave it dry for few minutes. After 10 minutes, do not forget to wash off the residual of the lotion to make sure your acne are well-treated.

11. Skin Problems
Papaya seeds will help your skin to be wrinkle-free and prevent aging. The nutrients inside papaya seeds can help your body and your skin to rejuvenate better as some of the nutrients from your body will not be easily regenerated by your own body as it gets older. By adding external sources like papaya seed, it will help in regenerating the old and dead skin cells hence maintain the beauty of your skin.

12. Prevent Aging
Papaya seeds are rich with various amino acids such as glycine, leucine, etc that are good for your skin. It will help to minimize the effect of aging and in the long run it will help to prevent your skin from aging. This is great especially for those who really care about cosmetics, because the best cosmetics are from the Mother Nature.