6-year-old boy makes millions on YouTube

6-year-old boy makes millions on YouTube

London (Web Desk): Ryan, the 6-year-old host of the YouTube channel Ryan ToysReview, has become a multi-millionaire by reviewing toys, according to Forbes list of highest-paid YouTube stars.

Ever since the boy was three years old his parents have been capturing videos of him dismantling toys, playing with them and reviewing them, stated Washington Post. Ryan’s parents posted the videos on their YouTube channel, Ryan ToysReview.

An international news outlet reported that Ryan’s channel took off after a video of him opening and reviewing a toy went viral.

Ryan’s parents are putting the YouTube earnings into a college savings account for their boy and a trust fund for him and his twin sisters Emma and Kate, reports stated.

The child has achieved what many adults are struggling for on YouTube, an American video-sharing website.

Ryan has become the world’s eighth YouTube celebrity in the list of Forebes’ annual report. According to reports, Ryan’s YouTube channel has earned about $11 million in 2017.