Iran fires over 300 drones, missiles at Israel

Iran fires over 300 drones, missiles at Israel

Tehran: Israel says more than 300 drones and missiles launched at it from Iran, Iraq and Yemen, adding that the vast majority of them have been intercepted.

Iran had vowed to retaliate after a missile strike on April 1 destroyed Iran’s consulate building in Syria’s capital, Damascus. Iran said the matter can now “be deemed concluded”.

“The Iranian attack was blocked in the most impressive way, together with our partners, the Americans and others… The entire world saw today who is Iran – a country of terror,” Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant said.

“The military operation carried out by Iran against the Zionist entity is a natural right and a due response to the crime of targeting the consulate in Damascus,” the Palestinian group says in a post on Telegram.

Hamas said it affirmed “the natural right” of countries and peoples in the region to defend themselves “in the face of Zionist aggressions”, referring to Israel.

“We call on our Arab and Islamic nation, the free people of the world and the resistance forces in the region to continue their support for the flood of Al-Aqsa,” the group added, referring to their October 7 attack on Israel.