Whatsapp introduces Facebook-style coloured text status feature

Whatsapp introduces Facebook-style coloured text status feature

California, United States (Web Desk): WhatsApp is introducing an exciting Facebook-style feature that will enable the users to write their status update with a colourful background, font, and emoji combination.

The messaging app introduced the feature a years after when Facebook allowed its users to update their status with coloured text and background.

The feature has been updated currently in beta version but it can be expected to arrive for all users soon.

Android Police was first tipped about this feature, and it is showing up in Android beta version 2.17.291.

When you're done writing the status and making the necessary changes, you can then hit the green arrow key to send the text status, just like how you send media content now. The status will then be published on WhatsApp for all your contacts to see.

The new WhatsApp Status feature was launched in February, and has managed to achieve more than 250 million daily active users in such a short span, much more than what Snapchat itself enjoys currently.

The feature is available at the updated version of the application.