Effective remedies to avoid heat-wave during 'Summer Ramazan'

Effective remedies to avoid heat-wave during 'Summer Ramazan'

Karachi (Web Desk): During this Summer Ramadan Muslims are currently fasting for approximately 17 hours a day when often temperature soars above 40 degrees.

The direct exposure to sunlight is causing several heat related health issues like heat exhaustion, heat cramps and heat strokes.

In a worst heat wave with temperature rising to 40 degrees while the breakdown of local power grids affecting hundreds. It is high time to take the precautionary measures and protect ourselves and our family from the adverse effects of scorching summer.

Increase Liquid Intake
Heat waves take away the essential fluids from our body in the form of sweat. Thus, it becomes necessary to increase the intake of liquid during the hot days.
Instead water, take fresh juices at regular intervals during the day.

Wear Cap/Headgear
We can't avoid our outdoor activities in summers but atleast we can protect ourselves from direct exposure to sun by wearing cap, hat, stall or headgear.
For added protection, carry an umbrella and anti-glare sunglass always with you.

Take a healthy nutritious diet in summers and avoid oily and spicy food including one watery fruit like cucumber and watermelon in your regular diet. This will help in keeping your body hydrated and maintaining body temperature.
Also, a salad of fresh fruits/vegetables is highly recommended for the daily diet.

Wear clothes that are light in weight and loose in fitting, it will provide you more comfort in the otherwise harsh summer. Also, avoid dark colors, as they absorb heat from the atmosphere.

Home Decor 
If you keep more plants /potted plants inside and around your house, it will make the atmosphere clean and cool. Also, it will increase the level of fresh oxygen in the air. Going green will not only add beauty to your home but it also keeps the surroundings much cooler.
Furthermore, in place of curtains, you can use bamboo stick nets (Chikhs) and keep them moist most of the time. It is a natural and eco-friendly air conditioner to keep the rooms cool.