PM directs secretary to ascertain quickly status of missing members of Baloch families

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Islamabad (Web Desk): Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday met with the three-member committee on Balochistan missing persons representing the 13 families which had staged a sit-in last month.

The premier directed his principal secretary to quickly ascertain the exact status of the missing members of 13 Baloch families.

“PM IK met with the 3 mbr Balochistan missing persons committee representing the 13 families of the dharna last month,” Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari said in Tweet. “PM has tasked the Principal Secretary to ascertain quickly the exact status of the missing family mbrs & committed to updating the committe mbrs on progress,” she added.

“PM also reiterated that our bill to criminalise Enforced Disappearances would be fast tracked along with whatever other laws needed to be amended,” the minister stated and maintained, “Meanwhile PM has asked to kept informed of progress on the whereabout of the missing family mbrs.”

Last month, Baloch families staged a protest in Islamabad, demanding that they only know whether their loved one is alive or not.