At least 5 dead, dozens injured in Gaza City attack

At least 5 dead, dozens injured in Gaza City attack

Gaza: At least five people have been killed and more than 30 injured in an Israeli attack on central Gaza City, says Gaza Civil Defence.

On Friday, the health ministry said that at least 33,634 people have been killed and 76,214 wounded in the territory during more than six months of Israeli violence.

The Israeli army claimed that an undisclosed number of aid trucks were allowed to enter Gaza a day earlier through a newly opened crossing in the north.

“The first food aid trucks entered through the new northern crossing from Israel into Gaza yesterday,” the Israeli agency that oversees supplies into the territory said on X.

A video the agency released in the tweet showed military vehicles and at least one truck laden with pallets full of tightly wrapped white bags entering Gaza.

“The trucks underwent thorough security checks by the security authorities of the Land Crossings Authority of the Ministry of Defence at the Kerem Shalom crossing, and were accompanied by IDF (army) soldiers,” the Israeli army said in a separate statement.

Meanwhile, Turkish state television said one of its journalists in Gaza was badly wounded and another injured after they were targeted by an Israeli strike.

“The vehicle of a team from TRT Arabi (TRT’s Arabic-language channel) that was preparing to broadcast from the Nuseirat camp… was targeted by an Israeli army strike,” the broadcaster said.

“Sami Shahada, a freelance cameraman, was badly wounded,” it added.

TRT’s chief Zahid Sobaci said Shahada had “lost a foot and is currently in surgery”, calling the attack “Israeli brutality”.