Best, easy remedies to reduce weight

Best, easy remedies to reduce weight

Lahore (Web Desk): Drinking V8 100 percent vegetable juice could help reduce weight, a recent research has suggested.

As everyone knows, vegetable juices are commonly made from varying combinations of carrots, beets, pumpkin and tomatoes etc.

The research revealed that the following vegetables like pumpkin, tomatoes, parsley, dandelion greens, kale, celery, fennel, and cucumbers. Lemon, garlic and ginger may be added by some for medicinal purposes in vegetable juices that would produce best results.

Other common juices include carrot juice, tomato juice, turnip juice, and V8 Juice.

Study showed that overweight individuals with metabolic syndrome who drank one to two servings of V8 100 percent vegetable juice as part of DASH diet lost more weight compared to non-juice drinkers.

Over the 12-week study period, the juice drinkers lost an average of four pounds compared to the non-juice drinkers who lost one pound.

In addition to weight loss, the vegetable juice drinkers had significant increases of vegetable intake, vitamin C and potassium over the course of the study compared to the non-juice drinkers.

In general, vegetable juices are recommended as supplements to whole vegetables, rather than as a replacement.

By enjoying fresh vegetable juice, you help to ensure the consistency needed to obtain the long term benefits, study revealed.