Gold prices reach Rs. 50,000 per tola in Pakistan

Gold prices reach Rs. 50,000 per tola in Pakistan

Lahore (Staff Report): Gold price per tola (around 11.7 grams) went up to Rs. 50,000 in Pakistan, with an increase of Rs. 100 from the previous price. 10 gram rate increased by Rs. 86 and stands at Rs 42,857 right now.

The price of the precious metal went up by $6.20 to $1,187.30 per ounce and reached a 5 week high in Asian gold markets. Experts suggest the increase is due to a weak dollar.

All Karachi Sarafa Jewellers Association president Haji Haroon Rasheed Chand reported, the local gold prices are increasing due to rising local demand. He also added that gold prices in Dubai are Rs. 800-1000 lower than prices in Pakistan.

The gold imports have fallen year on year in 2016. Pakistan Bureau of Statistics mentions that gold imports in Pakistan were at 157 kilograms in July-November 2016. Just a year ago Pakistan imported 297 kg of gold during the same time period (July-November).

If the demand is increasing as mentioned by Mr. Chand, why have the imports decreased?

According to Chairman of All Pakistan Gem Merchants and Jewellery Association, Habib-ur-Rehman, despite a declining trend in the international gold prices, price of gold in Pakistan has increased by Rs. 1,000 to 1,200 since November 2016.

He added, the gold is being smuggled from Dubai to Pakistan right now. It was the other way around from May to October 2016 where gold was being smuggled to Dubai when prices in Pakistan were lower.

Further, he added that he does not believe people in Pakistan are showing an increased interest in buying gold, contrary to what Mr. Chand said.