Look! Giant ‘Trump Rat’ erected near Trump Tower

Look! Giant ‘Trump Rat’ erected near Trump Tower

New York (Web Desk): The people in America have been sarcastically taunting Donald Trump since his appointment as President of United State of America.

This week a new inflatable animal 15-foot-tall rat created in Trump’s likeness was erected on Fifth Avenue and 59th street, a few blocks from Trump Tower.

According to details, the idea for the rat was conceived by John Post Lee, owner of BravinLee gallery in New York City, who funded the inflatable through a Kickstarter he created back in March: 227 supporters donated over $10,000 to bring the inflatable rodent to life.

Lee said the inspiration for the project came from the inflatable rats used by unions to protest non-union labor. “ It wasn’t until Trump was elected that I knew we had to purpose that imagery in the new and different way,” Lee told the Daily Dot.

After being funded, the giant rat was made in Burnwich, Ohio . Lee said he hopes the inflatable will stay up at its current location for the rest of today and tomorrow before moving around to other parts of the city. Protesters are expected to gather around the rat throughout the rest of the day.

“ I wanted to ridicule this guy because he really doesn’t deserve to be president. He really lowered the bar,” Lee said. “I hope he sees it, and I hope he hates it, and I hope it gets under his skin.”

This Trump Rat might not be the end of Lee’s criticism on the current administration. The Trump Rat is intended to be loaned out to protesters for future events. 

“I’d like to follow this up with a 3-foot-tall Jeff Sessions that sits in his lap,” Lee said.

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